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Daniel R. Miller

The Dan who writes. Lover of games. Super Star Wars fan. Pokemon Master in training. Father to animals small and furry. Scribe for GameZone. Ravens football and Rays baseball for life. UCF Alum.



Sea of Thieves review: The quiet pirate life for thee

At long last, Microsoft fans have a big name exclusive to call their own. Unfortunately, it’s not the system seller we were hoping for…yet. Three years after its E3 2015 reveal and a calendar year’s worth of public playtesting mixed in there, Sea of Thieves is finally here, ready to inject the Xbox One’s lagging first-party catalog with a bit of fresh sea air.
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Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition review: The definitive edition is on PC

The flawed Final Fantasy XV experience has found a solid footing on PC, coming away as the best possible way to play the game. Square Enix had a lot riding on Final Fantasy XV from its days of being the elusive Versus XIII. This was back when fans were already anointing its protagonist Noctis as “the next Cloud” years before any of them would actually pick up the controller.
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Pokemon Crystal on 3DS is the definitive version of the Game Boy Color’s best game

Pokemon Crystal on Nintendo 3DS is a must-have for anyone who breathes oxygen. It’s a well-known phenomenon that the release of new Pokemon games typically coincides with massive upticks in handheld sales for Nintendo, and there’s a good reason for that. Pokemon is a tightly designed experience that undergoes minor refinements to a formula that was near perfect from the very beginning.
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Review: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory is functional fan service wrapped in a budget package at full price

A fan pleaser that won’t move the needle for larger audiences. I have a confession to make. I am not a Digimon fan. I never watched the anime growing up, never collected the cards, nor played any game in the series to this point. I have, however, been an unabashed Pokemon fan since the days of Red and Blue, so going into this, I thought there was a chance I could come to like it similarly.
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Quantic Dreams confirms that Detroit: Become Human will release this Spring

Much like last year, Sony has come readily into 2018 with a new slate of first party exclusives. Following the reveal of God of War’s release date reveal yesterday, some fan attention appears to have turned towards Quantic Dreams’ Detroit: Become Human, which is widely thought to be the second PS4 exclusive that will release this year.
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[NSFW] Genital Jousting exits Steam Early Access for full release

Sometimes, standing out means it’s better to be unusual than it is to stick with the status quo. Other times standing out just means that your game is about dicks, and what comes (giggity) is a little game called Genital Jousting. Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that the sausage fest adventure game has left Early Access and is now a full game according to a new press release, and features an all-new story mode starring a dick who is aptly named, John.
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Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a messy RPG that works if you’re willing to dig

The original Xenoblade Chronicles was a game I, like many other JRPG fans, pined for when it was thought to be a Japanese release only. Thankfully, the Operation Rainfall petition worked, and Wii owners were treated to what was easily the best JRPG on the console, and potentially even across all platforms during that entire console generation.
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Cyberpunk 2077 wins the internet by tweeting one word after four years of silence

Could a reveal for Cyberpunk 2077 be incoming? The internet can’t stop talking about CD Projekt RED’s upcoming Action-RPG after a single one-word tweet. While it sounds insatiably cliché, sometimes it is the little things that matter. Or in this instance, Cyberpunk 2077, a game that the world hasn’t even seen save for a brief concept trailer that came out exactly five years ago to the day, is proving to be quite the trending topic today.
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Civilization 6 can be had for an amazing value through Humble Monthly

Assuming you aren’t the type that buys every game at launch, PC gamers are aware of the monthly subscription “box” known as Humble Monthly. Next month’s bundle was recently revealed to be headlined by Civilization 6 and its 2 DLC packs, the Vikings Scenario, and Australian Civilization/Scenario packs.
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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Classic gets a multiplayer update 12 years after release

It’s not every day you see a 12-year-old game get worked on, but it’s a welcome surprise when it does happen. Pandemic’s original Star Wars: Battlefront 2 game, which originally debuted back in 2005, got a surprise patch yesterday, which is admittedly light, though it has elicited over 380 user comments on the update announcement on Steam.
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Review: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the definitive versions of games you've already played

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are fantastic Pokemon games that are easily better than their predecessors from just a year ago. A year is a very short time, particularly in regards to game development, so it doesn’t end up being much of a surprise that a large portion of Ultra Sun and Moon have been left untouched, as trainers will find themselves playing predominantly the same game as before.
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Rumors of a Rocksteady Superman game resurface, subsequently shot down in two days

We know Rocksteady is working on something, but what it is, still remains anyone's guess. Naturally, with the kind of success the studio enjoyed on the Batman Arkham series, a lot of people have chosen to believe that their next project revolves around yet another DC hero, Superman. There have been rumblings of such a game from WB Montreal, the studio behind the Batman: Arkham Origins prequel, but so far they've proven to be nothing but hearsay.
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Daniel R. Miller

After trying my hand at making games, I realized I was much better at writing about them.

I got started back in the mid 90's with Pangea Software's Power Pete, a little top-down shooter that came pre-installed on the family's Macintosh Performa. After pouring hundred of hours into that and the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games, I made my way to the console space in 1997 with the original PlayStation and a copy of Madden 97.

When college time came around, I got this silly idea in my head that making games was for me, and set out to get into the industry. After landing a Master's Degree in Game Design, I quickly figured out that the classroom did not equal reality, but for whatever reason writing has always come naturally for me.

So here I am.

Now with over three years of experience, I've written for GameZone and GameSkinny, culminating in a portfolio consisting of over 1,700 news articles, reviews, previews, guides, interviews, and editorials on a wide variety of entertainment topics including video games, TV, movies, and technology.

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